NEW Churchchis Puppy Owner pictures

Summer’s Rupert

Thank You

to all of my CHURCHCHIS puppy new owners, for their kind comments and super pictures. Most of
all thank you for giving these little fur balls all the love and affection they so deserve ( even if some are very very spoilt lol!) in their lovely 5* homes.

I have posted a few of these pictures and just love to see these little babies grow into Prince & Princesses. © Copyright . Anne Bennett and Churchchis 2024 
Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Anne Bennett/Churchchis is strictly prohibited and can result in prosecution.

PLEASE keep them coming!


Lola’s George & Oscar
Churchchis Black Tuxedo aka Lincoln with next doors cat 💕
Kerry & Silvie Enjoying a cuddle first thing in the morning
Handsome Benji. What that is on his nose we do not know 😍🤣