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If you have come in search of your new beautiful baby Chihuahua, or Miniature Schnauzer, Cavalier or Show Type Cocker OR are simply looking for an older furry friend, I sincerely hope we can help you on such a wonderful exciting journey.

IF you are looking for your Companion/best friend/additional family member, then here at Churchchis I would absolutely love to help you fill that empty little gap in your life.

I am delighted to breed  long coat Chihuahuas,  TEACUP is a word used as a description ONLY! there is not a separate breed JUST different sizes and ALTHOUGH a lot of people get on their soap box about this term being used, it is JUST a word used for a description like MEGA, MICRO, TINY TINY, so lighten up people!!! 

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I am proud to be council 5*  licensed, vet approved and a registered Business. YES! i pay my taxes.  All my dogs have the best of the best and are all very much my pets and life…


Chihuahua’s are my first love followed by other breeds Miniature Schnauzers and the beautiful placand have the best of the best with no expense spared. All my dogs are very much part of my life, being all my pets first and foremost and are truly a chocolate box full of different colours, shapes, characters and sizes, and as they say “one is NEVER enough” How true this really is.

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TOY Miniature Schnauzers (some USA Imports) specialising in Liver & Tan (Chocolate) MALES- MAGNUM, ROLO & TINO,  ALSO CHOCOLATE FEMALES & BLACK & SILVER- LILLIBET, ANGEL, CHOCOLATE PARTI DEDE,WISPA & PASHA. Black & White Parti DARCEY Then to go on keeping daughters/sons with COI very low if not 0/0% expanding with this outstanding breed. All my Schnauzers are MAC TESTED CLEAR and have annual KC/BVA? ISDS eye tests, keeping all my breeding dogs happy and healthy.  

I employ wonderful staff our wonderful passionate Abbie . Working with me to give total focus and commitment to all my dog’s requirements, developing good sound knowledge for the comfort and well-being of my much-loved pets and puppies.

My dogs live in their own luxury Lodge with full heating, Air-con, humidifiers, and all their luxury requirements and also in my own home! with their special created room and garden off my kitchen. No wood or cage kennels here!! Dog flaps giving full freedom of in-out 24/7 as they please with Luxury Woodlands to exercise.

I am based in NORFOLK between King’s Lynn and Downham Market. Straight off the A10. 25-30 mins from NEWMARKET & 45-50 mins from CAMBRIDGE. I am situated 1 mile from Watlington Train Station 5 miles from Downham Market train station. Both stations have a direct link from LONDON KINGS CROSS.

All puppies born in my home. I am also fortunate enough to have a lovely nursery equipped for their every need for nursing mums and puppies to have all the room required for those little fur balls to run about and get into all sorts of mischief with mummies watching and teaching close by.  Nursery Garden is used to aid early potty training  in all weather.. Socialising our Puppies to other dogs, noises, people is an absolute MUST here at CHURCHCHIS.

I have been commended by my own vet for the well-being for each and every one of my dogs, this gives me great pride and satisfaction that I achieve the standards required for such impeccable dogs. I boast nothing but the best for my Chihuahuas/Schnauzers and i am very proud of ALL my dogs. I do my utmost to place each puppy in the best 5* homes and encourage the same policies throughout.

Have you ever heard the old saying “Just when I learned all the answers someone changed all the questions” without a doubt this can be applied to DOG BREEDING. You never reach the point where you have seen everything or know it all!

So after viewing my site please feel free to ask any questions or make any contributions to my comment book, your feedback is very important to me and my dogs.

Thank You

Anne Bennett


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